We are an independent fundamental Baptist Church who has restructured the church from what some would have considered an old fashioned Baptist mentality to a more relevant church model that uses different methods and music, such as our praise band, midweek small groups,etc. We believe that we have found a good balance and remain fundamental in our doctrines, we still only preach and teach from the King James Version. We believe in modesty and yet do not get caught up in legalistic standards. We believe that in the pursuit of souls you can be fundamental and yet cutting edge. 


Our Vision

A place where the good news of Jesus Christ is shared with the thousands of people who live in and around Peoria county. where people accept Christ as Lord and Savior at every service

A place where the hurting can heal, where loving, learning and laughing is the norm.

A place where God's people realize that the power, peace, and promises of God belong to them to equip them for a life of ministry.

A place that equips God's people to minister to others on a daily basis, to truly be used of God and to know His leading as a way of life.

A place where dozens of career missionaries and church workers are sent out under the Great Commission to win souls and start churches.

A place where every service is a true exercise in worship, every song sung, every gift given and sermon preached one will know the presence of God.

A place where the fundamentals of the Bible are held true and balanced with lively up beat joyous music that turns our hearts to God.

A place with facilities worthy of the God and the universe with 200 seat auditorium, class rooms for people with the cradle to the grave. Prayer rooms, training centers, recreational area. All designed to minister to the spiritual, emotional, physical and social needs of the Christian, All set in a peaceful inspiring garden like setting.